Running a bit late on this week’s update, but at least I get to watch Syracuse embarrass Louisville while I’m at it. (31-14 Syracuse, right now. Their road uniforms look a lot less like they made them themselves. Here’s their home uniform from the Washington game.)

I made a few adjustments to the starting lineup last week. Paid off a bit.

QB Ben Roethlisberger: Seriously, I had to start him. He was going up against the Bills. However, the Steelers’ run-oriented offense is a problem for starting him all year.

WR Marques Colston: The New Orleans offense is still terrible, but Colston got one of the touchdowns.

WR Calvin Johnson: What’s the record for touchdowns for a rookie?

WR Bernard Berrian: Seriously? KC stopped him? The best wide receiver on a team with Rex Grossman is only as good as Rex Grossman.

RB Frank Gore: His mom died last week, and he played and played well. Tough man.

RB Adrian Peterson: Got held to 66 yards rushing by Detroit, but also had 50+ yards receiving. I’m going to call him Roger Craig.

TE Dallas Clark: Peyton’s finally figuring out how awesome Clark can be. Or maybe it’s just the fact everyone runs Cover Two now, so the tight end is always open.

K Jason Elam: Denver fans must be frustrated about their problems punching the ball into the endzone. I’m loving it.

DEF Carolina: As a Panthers fan, I just have to say “Ouch.”

Points Scored: 97. Oddly enough, still only good enough to move into sixth place in a nine-team league. One team scored 160. (Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson.)

Points Left on the Bench: 62. Not bad. My starters definitely outperformed my bench this week. 130 points so far.

Big Changes: Not much. Dropped RB Thomas Jones for RB Kevin Jones. Kevin’s been a fixture on my fantasy football teams the last few years, and he’s back from injury.

Benched No More: No permanent changes, probably, but an experiment. Let’s see how RB Derrick Ward does against the Redskins. (As a Skins fan as well, I hope he does well and no one else does.) WR Wes Welker should get his share of catches in the Patriot offense, and I’m hoping QB Drew Brees has a breakthrough game this week.

Watching: WR Jacoby Jones, still. Andre Johnson’s injury means a starting spot, but what can he do with it? QB Matt Schaub, because he’s steadily getting better.

On TV tonight: (I’ve watched too much PTI.) The Great Dictator (1940), on TCM at 8 PM. Great movie, and surprisingly touching, like most Chaplin films.

Wow, 38-21 Syracuse in the fourth quarter. Ha ha. 🙂