The team did better last Sunday, but stayed stuck in 7th place in the league. Unexpectedly good games from some players, however.

QB Ben Roethlisberger: Two TDs, two INTs. Too bad about the INTs, but that’s about the production I would expect from a Steelers QB. Drew Brees, on the other hand, had a much better week than usual. He had a bye.

WR Wes Welker: Wish Tom Brady wasn’t in love with Randy Moss.

WR Bernard Berrian: Looks like Brian Griese produces about the same result as Rex Grossman.

WR Drew Bennett: I know…Rams. My other two wide receiver options were out.

RB Adrian Peterson: Why feel the need to start Chester Taylor, Vikings? The only problem with AP is that he plays for Minnesota, which is allergic to scoring.

RB Willis McGahee: Logical play against the Browns, but Cleveland kicked Baltimore’s butt. Good. 🙂

TE Dallas Clark: He is the reason fantasy football teams have a tight end position. Leading the Colts in receiving. Saving my team each week.

K Jason Elam: Good game against Indy. Denver doesn’t have much other offense.

DEF Carolina: Not looking good against Tampa Bay. Nobody looked good against Tampa Bay.

Points Scored: 86.

Points Left on the Bench: 23. Bye week and injuries hurt the bench scoring. 191 points so far.

Big Changes: The Rams’ offensive woes might last all season. Dropped RB Brian Leonard and Drew Bennett. Brought back RB Thomas Jones and added WR Hines Ward. Both are pretty fragile this season. but have potential.

Benched No More: A lot of changes due to bye weeks and injuries. WR Calvin Johnson is back from his back injury, and WR Marques Colston is back as well. RB Frank Gore is playing against an overrated Baltimore defense, and RB Kevin Jones is in due to his success around the goal line. (That, and AP is out this week.)

Watching: Almost any QB besides Drew Brees, but I’m giving him another week at least. Matt Schaub, David Garrard, and Joey Harrington…WHAT?!?…are all good options.

On TV tonight: Stuff on our DVR, because it’s rapidly failing. You won’t be at our house, thought, so I’d suggest LSU/Florida. The Tebow will be playing The Number One Team in the Land.