LOLCats has given birth to LOLCode, which I’m pretty sure is the programming language of the future. Consider:

I HAS A <var> ITZ …

Declare a variable. Note the following:

  • Every variable is an array.
  • ITZ … has been reserved for future usage and should not be used (except possibly for initialization of single-element arrays)
  • At present, all arrays are heterogeneous (they can have different types of values in them). This may change in the future!

All values are typed, and the types are:

  • NUMBAR (signed integer, at least 32 bits wide)
  • YARN (string)
  • ARRAY (contains NUMBARs and/or YARNs and/or ARRAYs)

Currently the interpreter and/or compiler does type checking at compile and/or runtime. This may get nailed down to one or the other in future recommendations.

There is also a .NET compiler.

I’m going to be lucky if I can get through the day without typing CAN HAS or KTHXBYE into my code.

Update: Good examples of code.

Link courtesy of Boing Boing. Title courtesy of PawSense.