What a huge surprise, given his extraordinary empathy and deep…oh, wait…he’s the one who wrote this article:
American Beauty? I get it now. I’m thinking insulting both British and American women when he lives in both countries probably won’t work for him. Unless he watched The Pick-up Artist and decided to be really ambitious.

I really hope this was supposed to be A Modest Proposal, particularly given the selection of pictures of Charlotte Church and Paris Hilton to illustrate.

Oh, and ladies…according to Tad’s informal poll, his friends spend $1700 a month just on makeup and keeping in shape. That might have something to do with him being a screenwriter and living in LA, but I’m thinking we need to go a bit further on closing the wage gap between men and women. Women definitely need much more money than men…although in Tad’s world there would be much less spent on food. 🙂