A spam message I received this afternoon, with responses:

You Do not like your machine size.

Well, you know us programmers, always looking for a bigger machine.

Women laugh at you.

Oh, great. I thought they were laughing with me.

You have unique chance to solve this problem.


Try our male aggregate enla’rgement and Chicks will adore you surely enough.

Well, I am male, and I have been enlarging ever since college…good food, good times. But as far as adoration, well, I already thought that ladies love me, girls adore me, I mean even the ones who never saw me…. So I’m not sure how that would be better.

I used. My wife is really happy.

I’m glad for her and you, Mr…Oh, sorry…Dr. Cheryl Reaves. Cheryl? Wow, that stuff must really work. 🙂