Gerald Henderson moves on:

The Duke sophomore guard said he has moved on in the 11 months since 21,750 Tar Heels basketball fans and millions watching on television saw him break North Carolina star Tyler Hansbrough’s nose trying to block a shot at the end of UNC’s 86-72 victory.

In other news, I’ve moved on after my experiments as a child sent dozens of ants to their deaths in the jaws of hungry ant lions, Bobby Knight has moved on from slapping a police officer, and Microsoft has moved on from trying to crush all competition.

The two players had played against each other in AAU tournaments but didn’t really know each other before that call. When Henderson apologized, Hansbrough was “pretty cool about it” and told Henderson he knew he wasn’t trying to hurt him.

Oh, wait, that’s right. It’s usually the victim who “moves on,” not the perpetrator. Hmm, funny that. 😉