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Batwoman…Outed Very Slowly

Am I missing something here? There’s a brief news flurry today about Batwoman being the first gay superhero. I realize the actual story is that DC is going to feature her as the lead in Detective Comics, but the current Batwoman incarnation has been “out” since 2006, as far as I know.

Not to mention the current version of The Question, Northstar, Midnighter and Apollo, one version of Catwoman, Scandal Savage, Flatman, Obsidianthe list just keeps going.

It’s interesting that DC is turning one of their flagship comics over to a gay character for a while, but I suspect sales, her place in the DC Universe, and the writing won’t be much different than if, say, Nightwing was going to be the star. (No, he’s not gay. Ignore the costume.) 😉


  1. Chris Knight

    Wait… The Question is now gay? I didn’t know that.

    The Question was one of the few things about The Dark Knight Strikes Again that I thought was pretty cool. Loved how he was determined to wage war against technology, and the scene in the bar where he meets with J’onn J’onzz.

  2. Shane Thacker

    The original The Question died from lung cancer, and was replaced with former Gotham detective Renee Montoya. Quite an uplifting story. 🙂

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