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Diet Soft Drink Advertising

One of my more recent Twitter statuses had what sounded like an ad line for Diet Mountain Dew, so I came up with a few more while waiting for .Net Framework 3.5 to install.

“Diet Mountain Dew – You get used to it.”

“Diet Mountain Dew – Shhhh, don’t fret…the cravings stop after a while.”

“Diet Code Red (Cherry Mountain Dew) – The flavor combination that never occurred to you.”

“Diet Dr Pepper – You’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

“Diet Dr Pepper – Making Dr Pepper taste like root beer since 1991.”

“Diet Dr Pepper – Diets and Doctors, in one bottle.”

“Diet Coke – Does this taste funny to you?”

“Diet Coke – Bleh, I think I got your Diet Coke.”

“Diet Coke – You’ll never forget the taste…at least not for the next hour or so.”

“Diet Coke – It’s the first thing you’ll want after waking up from a coma.” (Inside joke. Sorry.)

“Coke Zero – Go from Coke to Diet Coke, and then to Coke Zero. It’ll taste great!”

“Diet Rite – For the last time, we’re not the store brand!”

“Diet Rite – We make Diet Coke look better!”

“Diet Pepsi – For when the restaurant doesn’t carry Diet Coke.”

“Diet RC – Just try to find me!”

“Tab – What the hell was that?!?”

“Tab – Check the date on the can.”

“Tap Water – Why can’t you love me?”


  1. jeremy

    how about:
    Diet xxxx – poison in a glass, but by the time you can sue, you’ll be too far gone to care
    Diet xxxx – gotta die sooner or later, should as well be from fake sweeteners
    Diet xxxx – mmm, gotta love that it isn’t just good clean water
    Diet xxxx – sure the chemicals will react sometimes, but we think they kill tapeworm.

  2. Shane Thacker

    Perhaps also:

    Diet xxxx – Try me with Mentos!

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