Twitter: I really want to use Twitter to comment on Twitter suffering a denial-of-service attack. That isn’t happening. I wonder if the attack is actually that impressive, or if it’s just taking advantage of something about Twitter’s setup?

NetNewsWire and Google Reader: If you like to get your feeds through a desktop client, but still want to have access to them elsewhere, NetNewsWire 3.2 Beta now syncs with Google Reader. Apparently Newsgator is confident enough in it to shut down their own online feed reader. I’m not sure whether I prefer it to Google Reader, or how well it works yet. (I can confirm it downloads the feeds. I haven’t tested the syncing beyond that, however.)

One thing to mention about NetNewsWire 3.2 Beta that I had trouble finding anywhere else: When it tells you your Google login will be kept in the keychain, it means it. I’d enter my login, and the login window would pop back up like I hadn’t done anything. Turned out, my keychain had somehow gotten set to another user, and NetNewsWire wasn’t happy it couldn’t save the login info. Repairing the keychain using Keychain Access (I think that’s the name) worked.

GitHub: The comparison table for GitHub plans just shocked me for no good reason. It runs from most expensive on the left to free on the right. I’m used to the other way around, so my first thought was that the base paid GitHub plan was $200 a month. Nope, that would be $7.

Steelcase: I’ve been trying to get Lorrie interested in something like an Aeron chair for the office for quite a long time, but no dice. However, Steelcase won her interest all on their own. Good job, Steelcase. I probably need to start using my desk again as well. So hard to do when you can sit in a recliner and use your laptop. 🙂

Update: Wow, the Twitter/Facebook/etc. attack was on one user? That’s a lot of electronic capital expended.

Update, again: Closing comments. Too much spam coming in on this one.