GOP holds up NJ governor’s record as a model

With bipartisan backing, Christie plugged the budget hole largely by cutting aid to schools, suspending property tax rebates and skipping a $3 billion payment to the state’s pension system. He imposed a 2 percent cap on increases to local property taxes and fought frequently with the state’s teachers and other public employee unions.

Wow, so plugging the budget hole is defined as moving all of your expenses to next year? It’d be interesting to see the credit ratings for Coulter, Barbour, and AEI, if they think the Christie model is any better than what states have been doing for decades. I’m surprised he’s not talking more about running in 2012, given he’ll need to flee the state soon after.

Can’t say I’m disappointed in CPAC, because I didn’t have high expectations in the first place, but at what point do we acknowledge that the wheels have come off our two-party, win-at-all-costs-damn-the-responsibility system?