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A good speech, for all the blood

Theodore Roosevelt’s speech in 1912, just after he had been wounded by a would-be assassin:

Now, I would not speak to you insincerely within five minutes of being shot. I am telling you the literal truth when I say my concern is for many other things. It is not in the least for my own life….

I don’t know who the man was who shot me to-night…. He shot to kill me. He shot the bullet. I am just going to show you (Col. Roosevelt then unbottoned coat and vest and showed his white shirt badly stained with blood)….

Now, I wish to say seriously to the speakers and newspapers representing the Republican and Democratic and Socialist Parties that they cannot, month in and month out, year in and year out, make the kind of slanderous, bitter, and malevolent assaults that they have made and not expect that brutal and violent characters, especially when the brutality is accompanied by a not too strong mind….

Don’t you pity me. I am all right. I am all right, and you cannot escape listening to my speech either….

I wish to say that the Progressive Party is making its appeal to all our fellow citizens without any regard to their creed or to their birthplace….

In New York, while I was Police Commissioner, the two men from whom I got the most assistance were Jacob Riis, who was born in Denmark, and Oliver von Briesen, who was born in Germany, both of them as fine examples of the best and highest American citizenship as you could find in any part of this country….

At one time I promoted five men for gallantry on the field of battle…. two of them were Protestants, two Catholics, and one a Jew. One Protestant came from Germany and one was born in Ireland. I did not promote them because of their religion, it just happened that way. If all of them had been Jews, I would have promoted them, or if all had been Protestants I would have promoted them, or if they had been Catholics….

I ask that in our civic life that we in the same way pay heed only to the man’s quality of citizenship—to repudiate as the worst enemy that we can have whoever tries to get us to discriminate for or against any man because of his creed or his birthplace…. in the same way I want our people to stand by one another without regard to differences of class or occupation. I have always stood by the labor unions…. It is essential that there should be organization of labor…..

Now, the Democratic party in its platform and through the utterances of Mr. Wilson has distinctly committed itself to the old flintlock, muzzle-loaded doctrine of States’ rights, and I have said distinctly we are for people’s rights. We are for the rights of the people. If they can be obtained best through National Government, then we are for national rights. We are for people’s rights however it is necessary to secure them.

Mr. Wilson has made a long essay against Senator Beveridge’s bill to abolish child labor. It is the same kind of argument that would be made against our bill to prohibit women from working more than eight hours a day in industry. It is the same kind of argument that would have to be made; if it is true, it would apply equally against our proposal to insist that in continuous industries there shall be by law one day’s rest in seven and three-shift eight-hour day….

I ask you to look at our declaration and hear and read our platform about social and industrial justice and then, friends, vote for the Progressive ticket without regard to me, without regard to my personality, for only by voting for that platform can you be true to the cause of progress throughout this Union.

We just really like Zeppelins

I love the idea by Rudolf Martin in 1908 that Germany could successfully invade Britain by Zeppelin, carrying 350,000 troops in each wave, not the least because of the need to build ~7,000 of them.

I’m trying to imagine how you would hide that preparation. A million acres of camouflage netting? Paint them bright colors and put on a really long air show? Don’t bother to hide it, but try to convince the British you’re actually planning to land in Scotland?

Courtesy of Airminded, a fascinating blog about Airpower and British society, 1908-1941 (mostly).

Completely Insubstantial

I can’t remember where I ran across this the other day, but a blog post described the new version of some electronic product as “50% smaller and 100% lighter.”

50% smaller is good.

100% lighter is great!

Up until you accidentally throw it into space. 🙂

What’s for Spam Today?

Ah, this subject line brings back memories:

Your most magnificent toy ever, unleashed amongst women with a vengeance.

Aside from my Commodore 64 — which was not a toy — the first thing that came to mind was ROM – Space Knight. That thing was so cool. I’m not sure why women would care about it, though. It did have blinking lights… 🙂

Poetic Spam

From today:

french was not her strong point by any means.
the word ‘limes’ was like fire to powder,seeing.
tired with her short journey, beth
any circ’mstances.” of life.
holding up an oddly shaped linen bag, with
to new york?

Become a real man…

A spam message I received this afternoon, with responses:

You Do not like your machine size.

Well, you know us programmers, always looking for a bigger machine.

Women laugh at you.

Oh, great. I thought they were laughing with me.

You have unique chance to solve this problem.


Try our male aggregate enla’rgement and Chicks will adore you surely enough.

Well, I am male, and I have been enlarging ever since college…good food, good times. But as far as adoration, well, I already thought that ladies love me, girls adore me, I mean even the ones who never saw me…. So I’m not sure how that would be better.

I used. My wife is really happy.

I’m glad for her and you, Mr…Oh, sorry…Dr. Cheryl Reaves. Cheryl? Wow, that stuff must really work. 🙂

Tad Safran is Still Single

What a huge surprise, given his extraordinary empathy and deep…oh, wait…he’s the one who wrote this article:
American Beauty? I get it now. I’m thinking insulting both British and American women when he lives in both countries probably won’t work for him. Unless he watched The Pick-up Artist and decided to be really ambitious.

I really hope this was supposed to be A Modest Proposal, particularly given the selection of pictures of Charlotte Church and Paris Hilton to illustrate.

Oh, and ladies…according to Tad’s informal poll, his friends spend $1700 a month just on makeup and keeping in shape. That might have something to do with him being a screenwriter and living in LA, but I’m thinking we need to go a bit further on closing the wage gap between men and women. Women definitely need much more money than men…although in Tad’s world there would be much less spent on food. 🙂

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