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Mouse songs

Apparently, mice sing. Who knew? Aside from the mice. 🙂

Link courtesy of Neil Gaiman’s Journal

Voyager I still leaving Solar System

It appears that Voyager I, still sending back data, crossed a boundary between our solar system and deep space back in December. The boundary is called the termination shock, where the solar wind slows down and begins to mix with interstellar materials.

Be careful out there, Voyager. Make sure to write or call.

“I am thinking, well, America has finally got to us.”

Russian lake goes missing.

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Science and Certainty

Interesting that the Freeman Dyson quote here contradicts the spirit of the quotes from Richard Dawkins and Lisa Saksida.

Even more interesting, “If you could teach the world just one thing…

No one notices me…

Sneak, sneak, sneak…

Link courtesy of Boing Boing

Mice with human brain cells

Flying. Robot parts. Human brains. Let’s just give all of the rodents tiny laser pistols and be done with it.

Courtesy of Boing Boing

The Jovian Sun

Astronomers have found a full-fledged star, complete with fusion, that appears to be only 16 percent bigger than Jupiter.

Wow, so Jupiter could potentially light off as a star? Cool. 🙂

Obesity in pro athletes

Is it really the case that 56 percent of NFL players are obese? And why is this taken seriously by the AP?

These folks probably know a bit better. BMI doesn’t scale well. It’s a simple height/weight formula that doesn’t even have the advantage of the arbitrariness of the old charts. I’m willing to admit that the BMI’s assessment of me may be pretty accurate, but that probably has more to do with the fact that I’m in the middle of the pack in height, am not an athlete, and sheer luck than anything else. (Actually, it can’t even be that accurate with me. In order to get to the middle of the normal weight range, I’d have to weigh what I did when I was fifteen and my ribs were sticking out. 🙂 )

“Ten brave men at least…”

Apparently even the eels are freakishly dangerous Down Under. 🙂

Link courtesy of Boing Boing

Life on Mars?

Looks like Mars might still have little Martians. Little Martian bacteria, that is, hanging out under the soil and producing methane. Cool! (Excuse me while I get my geek on.) 🙂

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