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Baseball on steroids…

…turns out to be just as boring as regular baseball. The list from the Mitchell Report, as reported by Deadspin, provoked an immediate reaction from me: I thought steroids were supposed to make you better at sports? It’s like someone took a vertical cross-section of baseball players from the Steroids Era based on talent.

That being said, the Balco list looks more interesting. Apparently you had a much better chance of success with Balco products. 😉

Back from vacation

Just got back from a great vacation at the beach on Oak Island, NC. I kept a short journal of the trip, so at some point I might bore you all with it. 🙂

Saw a baseball game when we got back. First excursion to the DBAP. A good place to see a ball game. Now we need to hit the GSO Hoppers’ First Horizon Park some time. I’ve been curious about it ever since we first drove past it while visiting my mom.

Julio Franco: Life in a Box

Video Game Julio Franco looks back on his career, still playing at 48 years old.

Link courtesy of Deadspin

The Pain of 1986

I didn’t watch baseball that much when I was a kid, but when I started watching, I was a Red Sox fan. I don’t know why, since my dad liked the Braves.

It made it pretty exciting when the Red Sox played the Mets in the World Series in 1986. Neither my dad nor I liked the Mets at all, and here were the Sox with a chance to break the curse and win the World Series.

Of course, that meant we got to see the choke of the century in Game 6…

San Diego Serenade brings back the pain, but this time in non-threatening Nintendo style. Vin Scully’s commentary and RBI Baseball go great together. 🙂

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