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NFL Pro Bowl could be less popular

The NFL has a clause in their contract that allows them to move the Pro Bowl from Hawaii to an alternate venue for one year. Sites under consideration are China, Japan, Australia and Europe.

Right…because if you can’t get football players to go to Hawaii during the winter, London in February will be much more successful. 🙂

Things I know from watching TV tonight

Apparently Brett Favre brings his own weather with him on the road. Green Bay and Seattle are playing Monday Night Football in a snowstorm, in Seattle.

When you’re watching pro wrestling, and two tag teams are competing called D-Generation X and the Spirit Squad, it’s inevitable the team named DX will be the good guys.

According to the USA Network, we shouldn’t just respect Pearl Harbor veterans for being great soldiers fighters. They were also great lovers.

Quote from a commercial for the Xbox 360 version of Dead or Alive Xtreme 2:

“9 girls…1 island…You do the math.”

What? I guess I don’t understand math well enough.

I still laugh when I see the commercials for Clerks II, even though we’re now down to the DVD release.

On the other hand, a little part of me wants to throw up when I see the commercials for Turistas.

The best female pro wrestlers are the crazy ones (Victoria and Mickie James).

Mattitude is still cool.

Diwali is the Hindu Halloween. (Okay, I’m catching up on The Office, and I don’t know if that is really true.)

It doesn’t take much effort to get an “USA!” chant started in Pittsburgh.

I still mark out completely when I see Dusty Rhodes on TV.

The presence of Jeremy Irons in a movie can only mean good things. Right? 😉

The Victorian NFL

Kissing Suzy Kolber teaches Trash Talking 301. If the NFL were actually like this, I’d want all the players miked. 🙂

“Excuse me, sir. Was it your responsibility to prevent me from catching the pigskin on that play? I’m not sure whom to address, as none of your allies were in my field of vision whilst I raced untouched to the end zone.”

“I do say, your first-born son bears my likeness.”

“You have failed in your task of preventing me from procuring a new set of downs! I plan on doing this again, while you watch helplessly.”

Go, Gado, Go

Green Bay Packer running back Samkon Gado has a better off-season conditioning plan than most. He’s working in a local hospital as a step in his plans to become a doctor.

I went to the same college as Gado, and I know what a jump it was to go from backup fullback for the Liberty Flames to starting running back in the NFL. That kind of dedication will serve him well. 🙂

Puppy Bowl II

Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl II. Slightly more organized than the Super Bowl.

Man, that poodle is a freak. 😉 The black and brown beagle’s got some sense, though. Hang out on the outside…sniff around.

Don’t forget the Bissell Kitty Half Time Show. Thrill to daring attack runs that abruptly end as the attacker figures out the other cat is looking at them. 🙂

Mark Fields has cancer recurrence

Darn it. I was hoping Fields would be getting good news, particularly with his friend Sam Mills passing away.

Sam Mills dies at 45

Sam MillsOne of my favorite NFL players, Mills played as an undersized linebacker for the New Orleans Saints and the original Carolina Panthers team. He then went on to coach for the Panthers, continuing through his illness and treatment. A high-effort player, as I recall he usually had a smile on his face to let everyone know it was just a game, but a game he loved to play. He passed away today at the age of 45 from cancer.

As a coach, he made the players better. As a friend, he made us all better. – John Fox

The ESPN article says Mills is survived by his wife, Melanie, and four children: Sons Sam III and Marcus and daughters Larissa and Sierra.

Broncos assimilate Browns

During the past few months, the Denver Broncos hired the Cleveland Browns’ former defensive line coach, and then added three Browns’ defensive linemen through trades and free agency.

So, the plan for the upcoming season is to emulate the defensive prowess of the Browns, who gave up the fourth-most points in the NFL last year and finished 4-12? Is this belated revenge for The Drive, or has Denver decided former Browns’ coach Butch Davis was so bad he even kept a good defense down?

Update: Good article by Len Pasquarelli, explaining it all.

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