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Clairvoyant Wikipedia user not actually clairvoyant

Apparently the police have found the person who edited Chris Benoit’s Wikipedia page to mention the death of his wife hours before the entire family was discovered dead. A member of the Fayette County, Ga., Sheriff’s Department said of the mysterious edit, “It is unbelievable what a hindrance this has put on our investigation.”

(I didn’t realize Wikipedia was that powerful…yet.)

One hopes the police took advantage of this entry about tracking down the anonymous user through a couple of web searches and figuring out he was likely a Connecticut college student who throws in prank edits a lot. The anonymous user admitted to as something like that. (To as? Geez.)

They confiscated the person’s computer. Perhaps they are looking for signs of basic intelligence in its owner? (Should we return this one to the wild? Will it be able to survive on its own? Do we care?)

One thought: I noticed ABC News mentioned the user made a racist comment about Ron Artest. (Yep, that was racist, alright.) I didn’t see any mention of this edit about Stacy Keibler, though:

People want to @!$%# her in her lovely @!$%# and whip her ass til the dawn of day. Many people fantasize about ramming their cocks up her @!$%#.

Classy. (And there goes my G rating.)

Link courtesy of Anil Dash.


I haven’t written anything about this horrible crime. I doubt I will write much. But I will say that if you had asked me a few days ago who my favorite wrestler has been since the mid-1990s, I probably would have said Chris Benoit, from the effort he gave in his performances, the odds he overcame to be a success, and the fact he seemed to be a genuinely nice guy from his interviews and what his friends uniformly said about him.

Maybe he just seemed like a nice guy who had the same kind of problems as a lot of people for 40 years. Maybe he actually was that. But the fact that last weekend he killed his wife and child, and then himself…that’s one more thing we’ll never understand about the world, and that saddens me. It sounds from the article linked above like others had the same reaction.

My thoughts and prayers have been for his family and the survivors. Maybe they should be for him as well, but like with other horrendous crimes, I’m not that good a person right now.

Things I know from watching TV tonight

Apparently Brett Favre brings his own weather with him on the road. Green Bay and Seattle are playing Monday Night Football in a snowstorm, in Seattle.

When you’re watching pro wrestling, and two tag teams are competing called D-Generation X and the Spirit Squad, it’s inevitable the team named DX will be the good guys.

According to the USA Network, we shouldn’t just respect Pearl Harbor veterans for being great soldiers fighters. They were also great lovers.

Quote from a commercial for the Xbox 360 version of Dead or Alive Xtreme 2:

“9 girls…1 island…You do the math.”

What? I guess I don’t understand math well enough.

I still laugh when I see the commercials for Clerks II, even though we’re now down to the DVD release.

On the other hand, a little part of me wants to throw up when I see the commercials for Turistas.

The best female pro wrestlers are the crazy ones (Victoria and Mickie James).

Mattitude is still cool.

Diwali is the Hindu Halloween. (Okay, I’m catching up on The Office, and I don’t know if that is really true.)

It doesn’t take much effort to get an “USA!” chant started in Pittsburgh.

I still mark out completely when I see Dusty Rhodes on TV.

The presence of Jeremy Irons in a movie can only mean good things. Right? 😉

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